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Getting Involved


The philosophy department offers free tutoring. Tutoring takes place in Arnold Hall 125. Tutoring times are posted (and distributed in philosophy classes) at the beginning of each semester. No appointments are necessary for tutoring. 

Who are We?


(Excellent philosophy students who are interested in becoming tutors ($9/hr.) should contact Ken Enoch.)


Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club meetings are an opportunity for students to meet informally with one another and with faculty members to discuss philosophical topics or any other subject. Weekly informal club meetings take place at the Apothecary Ale House & Cafe (227 Spruce Street) on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. All are welcome, so feel free to stop by!

The Philosophy Club also hosts screenings of movies and other events throughout the semester.

Lucie Craft is the Philosophy Club president, and Matt Talbert, Geoff Georgi, and Ariane Nomikos are the Club's faculty advisers. Get in touch with any of them if you have questions about the Club; you can also find out more about the Club on its Instagram page.


Coffee Hour

The Philosophy Club organizes several Coffee Hours throughout the academic year. At a typical Coffee Hour, a philosophy faculty member takes about 20 minutes to introduce a philosophical subject or problem and then audience members are invited to participate in an informal discussion of the topic. Faculty members from other departments, as well as philosophy students, are also often invited to lead Coffee Hours.


Student Jobs

The Philosophy Department occasionally has work-study opportunities in its office for students. These opportunities are available to majors and non-majors alike. Contact Ken Enoch if you have questions about working for the philosophy department. 

Conferences & Speakers

Each year, the department hosts several conferences. These include the "in-house" conference which features work from WVU faculty and students (student presenters receive a cash prize for having their work selected), a national undergraduate philosophy conference, and the Mid-Atlantic Philosophy of Language Workshop. In addition, throughout the year, the department brings in notable philosophers from around the world to give public lectures. Some of these lectures are tied to larger annual events such as Applied Ethics Day. Up-to-date information about departmental events can be found here.