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In the philosophy classroom, students learn to reason about ethics, knowledge, and reality itself. In their future careers, students' philosophical abilities to ask shrewd questions and make sound judgments set them apart from the crowd.

Why Study Philosophy?

If you are a person who wants to live a purposeful and meaningful life, studying philosophy will be valuable, interesting, and deeply enjoyable for you. Beyond the personal satisfaction of engaging in a careful study of life’s big questions, the philosophy major prepares students for employment in fields that demand sophisticated critical thinking skills, clear communication of complex ideas, and the ability to deal effectively with ambiguity. The analytical and communication skills emphasized in philosophy are a valuable asset in many satisfying careers, including law, health care, education, politics, counseling, and business. As you probably know already, philosophy students consistently score exceptionally well on standardized exams such as the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. 

Data collected by and shared by the World Economic Forum compared mid-career salaries among graduates from 20 different undergraduate majors. Philosophy came in 5th place, earning the highest rating among all humanities majors, all social science majors, all business majors (except economics), and several STEM majors. also collected data on starting salaries among 50 different majors and philosophy majors ranked #16. These data demonstrate that philosophy offers a great return on investment that is comparable to engineering.

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