Josh Whitehair

Where do you work?

This fall I’ll be starting my third year of law school at Berkeley.

Do you think philosophy has prepared you better than other majors might have?

Without question philosophy courses provide exceptional opportunities to develop your analytical skills and sharpen your ability to write clearly and succinctly. This is an invaluable skill set to have at your disposal if you want to practice law.

Is there anything philosophical about what you do?

A lawyer searches for legal theories, applies those theories to facts of a case and argues for a particular resolution. It doesn’t get much more philosophical than that.

What attracted you to Philosophy/Why did you choose to major in Philosophy?

I took Current Moral Problems with Dr. Daniel Shapiro and have been hooked ever since. Philosophy enables you to ask the big questions and to think about serious answers. It allows you to ask about the meaning of life and in so doing gives your life meaning. The philosophy courses I enrolled in were successful at provoking thought and keeping me engaged with back-and-forth discussions. It was what I always thought college would be like.

What advice would you give to an up and coming student considering majoring in Philosophy?

Go for it! Even if you want to do something very scientific and practical like engineering, philosophy enhances your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. If you are leaning more to the arts, then pick up philosophy as a second major (totally doable) or at least a minor. As majors go, none have more mystic and character than philosophy. It also helps you understand the Matrix movies.

What would you say to someone who was worried about the job prospects of Philosophy majors?

Look if you want to be an accountant and stare at numbers all day, then maybe you don’t want to just major in philosophy at WVU. You have to be pragmatic. If your future career requires specific training, like four years of chemistry, then just take some philosophy classes or take it as your minor. Otherwise, a philosophy major will not disappoint on a resume. I mean, it’s just as good as English, sociology, political science or history.

Do you consider yourself a philosopher?

I hope so because I think way too much if I’m not a philosopher.

What is the number one thing you learned from your experiences as an undergraduate Philosophy major at WVU?

If it is raining, then it is cloudy. It is raining. Therefore, it is cloudy. That and to appreciate my intuitions.

What are your hobbies/what do you like to do in your spare time?

Let’s see listening to music, watching movies, exercising, hiking, racquetball, playing piano and anything I can get my friends to do with me.

Anything else you would like to say?

My current address: 416 Norvell St. El Cerrito CA 94530

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